"Think and act to save our future"

That our future is threatened is no longer a question. The climate change caused by us humans is in full swing and is already showing irreversible consequences. Saving what can still be saved requires more than protests or half-hearted decisions. 

Global antagonisms are increasing instead of decreasing, and new power blocs are forming that are hostile to each other and fighting each other politically and economically. Military confrontation is foreseeable and already underway. Instead of demarcation, new cooperative paths must be taken that connect nations, regions and people.

Our economic and financial system, in which the real economy plays only a secondary role and the flood of insubstantial money is ever increasing, threatens to collapse. Instead of political patchwork, including more and more emergency "bank bailouts," monetary blind flights and increasing bureaucratic regulation of the economy and society, a fundamental reform is necessary. In the process, capitalism must be transformed into a new value-oriented, sustainable and future-proof economic form. I say that capitalism must be further developed into valorism.

Europe, and Germany in particular, must be put in a position to take the lead worldwide and to complement the United States as partners on an equal footing. If the political and social antagonisms there, possibly intensified after the next presidential elections, should continue to develop in a self-destructive manner and the USA should become politically unpredictable, Europe must assume even more responsibility in all areas. 

2008 was the year of the great financial crisis and the near collapse of the financial system. Russia's war of aggression on Georgia already demonstrated the high aggression potential of Putin and his followers at that time, which was confirmed in 2014 with the annexation of Crimea and topped by the invasion of Ukraine. Political shortsightedness, unabated financial gambling and economic greed triumphed over common sense and careful risk assessment and precaution, especially in Germany. There was no discernible political will to shape the future or to find solutions. 

The year 2008 was the final turning point for me to move from observing and journalistic reporting to solution-oriented thinking and acting. Nevertheless, it has taken me a long time, also due to unnecessary detours and setbacks, to now, finally, publicly promote my visions and ideas. I not only call for action, but invite you to join me in resolutely implementing very far-reaching and often disruptive solutions to save our future and that of the generations to come. 

When I am described as a visionary and innovator, that might describe a good part of me. But I am also, and understand myself to be, a Bad Boy, not only because of my life path and background work in investigative journalism, intelligence and strategic consulting, but also because Bad Boys are needed where Good Guys can't get ahead. This is helped by my accumulated experience, which in addition makes me someone who does not give up easily and is certainly not intimidated.

I call on everyone to join me who wants to take responsibility for our future and act constructively.

The idea and the master plan

Get informed and take action!

I have developed a visionary idea and want to set in motion an initiative to change something decisively. Namely, to transform capitalism into valorism and to create a new, sustainable financial system on which a sustainable blue economy, the BlueEconomy, will be built. Ultimately, the goal is to create a new world in which there are differences, but no longer irreconcilable opposites. I will prove that this is possible.

To do so, it is essential that I make my thoughts transparent. Even more, I must provide the framework for it and describe the basis for action, how it is to be implemented. Based on this, others can participate and realize this great project in a continuous development. 

With my manuscript, which I am bringing up to date and which will be published as a book in October 2023, I am providing this master plan. The follow-up book with the special reference to Germany and the task, which Germany can and must take over, is also already in work. 

Anyone with a serious interest in saving our future can follow the current completion on these web pages. I am aware that also the opponents will inform themselves, but my offer to cooperate is valid for everyone, and maybe some Sauls will still become Pauls.

The master plan for saving our future
Pre-orders for the book will be available from June 15, 2023

Tai Kriegeskotte
New Money.
New Economy.
New Future.
Saving our future

The present economic and social system and with it the financial and monetary system are at an end. The task is not to shape the future but the present, otherwise there will be no future.

Tai Kriegeskotte does not leave it at abstract proposals, but provides the blueprint and the instructions for action for it at the same time.

Publication date of the new edition:
October 15, 2023

From June 15, take part in the creation of the book "New Money. New Economy. New World. - Saving our future".

The Offensive Magazine


With the offensive magazine "KRIEGESKOTTE MISCHT SICH EIN," a new medium appears that, in connection with the topics dealt with, allows interesting people and personalities to have their say in the form of the interview, the summarizing conversation or with their own author contributions, while at the same time taking clear positions. 

"KRIEGESKOTTE" combines journalistic content with related "interventions" by the publisher and editor-in-chief Tai Kriegeskotte. These offensive and committed "interferences" in the form of comments, critiques, factual additions and personal recommendations and instructions for action convey supplementary knowledge, interpret, take a stand and present points of view. These "interferences," which are clearly marked in the magazine, are intended to supplement thematically, to stimulate reflection and also correction, but also to lend more attention and clout to a vision, an idea, an innovation, as well as to actions that in his view necessarily follow from it. As a medium of opinion journalism, new perspectives are opened up, but controversies are also deliberately raised.

The medium clearly lives from the person of the publisher and editor-in-chief. For the personalities interviewed, presented and portrayed, as well as for the reader, this may often take some getting used to. Undoubtedly, those asked by KRIEGESKOTTE to talk and to be interviewed or to contribute as authors will be challenged and will have to prove themselves as real personalities.

Tai Kriegeskotte makes opinion in the magazine with the selection of his interlocutors as well as with his comments, which like or not. He allows himself to be convinced, but he does not allow himself to be influenced and he certainly does not allow his opinion to be bought. 

The magazine is monothematically devoted to complexes of topics of current and special interest and the people and personalities associated with them. Ideas and innovations and their protagonists, who practically solve the problems of the present and want to positively shape our future, are given special emphasis.

Spread the idea

Invite me for lectures and discussions!

With the help of books and other publications in which my ideas are described and fleshed out, as well as in the form of lectures and "strategic talks", I want to spread my ideas and call for action. 

These are not abstract thoughts, but always concrete instructions for action. These offer room for further elaboration, but are always clearly goal- and result-oriented. Some things will seem utopian and not feasible with today's possibilities, but I know that they will become real in the not so distant future. 

In addition to my ideas and new design models for money, the economy and society, these are innovative technical solutions that are integrated into an overall system and point the way to the future. For the most part, they are so disruptive that they not only change entire economic sectors and industries, but also create entirely new opportunities for fair and sustainable economic cooperation internationally.

Invite me to lectures and discussions on a small or large scale. I am also available for meaningful cooperation discussions.

Laden Sie mich ein

Come to my lectures

Come hear what I have to say live at one of my talks near you. I will give you an insight into my way of thinking and acting and how I want to save our future. I call a spade a spade and shake you awake if you are still in a state of do-nothing half-sleep. I provoke, but I also allow myself to be provoked and to give the appropriate answers.

 Participation in my lectures costs money, which apart from the event costs goes to my foundation and is used for the cause. If I am too direct for you and you cannot bear uncomfortable truths and want to persist in doing nothing, you will not receive any compensation. 

"The blue strategy for money, economy and the world".

How to save our future

Tai Kriegeskotte takes a stand on current problems and explains his strategy for new money, a new economy and a new world and how we can save our future. Financial crisis, climate catastrophe, loss of confidence in politics, flare-up of new antagonisms after the "turn of the times".... 

In each of his lectures, he sets a focus. Always the same remains his ultimate call for us to take responsibility, each of us, and act. Not everyone likes this, but he does not shy away from confrontation and fights for the idea and for us and our future.

To the online and  classroom presentation

The foundation for our future

Support the foundation and thus me and my initiative!

My activities are to be spearheaded by a foundation in which everything is bundled and where everything comes together. It will have its headquarters in Switzerland. To it I will leave all my present and future know-how and all rights to it, as well as all income generated from it, to be used again for the cause, namely saving our future.

This has been prepared in a legally secure manner via an already existing German trust foundation. Endowments can therefore already be made. Other donations and income can also already flow in. I will actively promote this and call for support, because it serves a purpose for the benefit of all of us and the generations to come.

The Council 

Help with your advice and contacts!

In connection with the foundation, I have created a council to which I invite personalities. They are to support me and my initiative as advisors and recommenders with the same or similar interest in saving our future. If it may take some effort at the beginning to accept my invitation, it will be a privilege to belong to the council.

I will have recommendations made to me, but I will also directly approach individuals who seem suitable to serve on the Council. With the consistency of my ideas and initiative, some will weigh and decline my invitation.

I am convinced that there are personalities who are as concerned about saving our future as I am and who acknowledge the responsibility they have, especially in their prominent positions.

he members of the Council receive first-hand information and in direct contact with me. They should also be able to benefit from their support for their own initiatives, organizations and companies that have similar goals to mine. In this way, not least, I want to enable joint action. Because we have no more time to lose.

Funding for initiative and foundation

Support my initiative financially!

Everyone can financially support my initiative through the foundation in a smaller or larger way. I will actively invite and ask for it in the sense of the important cause. If we want to save our future and do not want to rely solely on the fact that politics will somehow fix it, it is not possible without own initiative - and money.

In addition to my lectures, there will be additional activities for the funding, which are aimed at different target groups. Everyone who can, should be addressed and be able to contribute according to their possibilities. I often associate a special advantage for those concerned, because it should be easy for everyone to contribute financially to my cause. Because saving our future is the task of all of us, from which no one is exempt.

A monumental art project  
Taking the visualized message to the world in artistic form

 Personalities who have achieved a great deal economically and financially are a special focus for me. Because you can contribute disproportionately to promote my cause. Those of you who are already aware today that our world must and will change in order to save our future can more easily adapt to it and secure your own status with your contribution. 

With "THE BLUE ART PROJECT" I initiate an art project, which should represent my idea in artistic form and carry it as a visualized message into the world. The net proceeds from the sale of the individual paintings will go to my foundation and the cause. 

Three paintings each measuring 12 x 8 meters, each separable into 100 individual images, will form a monumental triptych. Three different, internationally renowned artists are commissioned as painters for one of each of the paintings. The titles of the paintings are: "New Money", "New Economy" and "New World". The creation process will be accompanied by "7IEBEN", a new, very high quality magazine published by DIPLOMATIC LEU. 

You will soon be able to read more about the project here.

The implementation through the real projects

Join me and participate in my innovative projects!

It is pointless to complain about the conditions and demand that others act and find solutions instead of tackling things themselves and helping to get things moving in the right direction. Fridays for Future, Last Generation and others point out the failures in a less or more provocative way and demand that politics, business and society rethink and act. For me, this is far too little. Because I don't trust others to do what needs to be done in all consistency. 

We are facing a gigantic reform project and change process in all areas if we want to save our future and that of the generations to come. I have drawn up a master plan of how we must proceed and act. I am counting on cooperation, transfer of knowledge and know-how and mutual participation - and on new opportunities through the BlueEconomy, which is based on value, sustainability and future viability. By closely networking regions and companies worldwide according to my model, we can achieve that all people can participate in the economy and that everyone does well.

Economic development is thereby promoted beyond the current senseless growth mania and on a real economic basis in an unprecedented way. However, I am not so naive to believe that my model will be immediately accepted and implemented with total enthusiasm. Therefore, the first step is to prove that and how it works in a closed, ever-expanding "BlueSphere." THE BLUE WORLD PROJECT is the framework into which all other catalytic lead and sub-project areas are integrated and, to a large extent, only made organizationally and economically possible by this integration. 

The new EcoSphere and economic community

The time has come for the visionary idea of a new supranational economic world and BlueEconomy based on KTP - fair and trustful cooperation, transfer of knowledge and know-how as well as mutual participation.

The imbalances between economic regions and the immense wealth gap between people must be balanced. A balance must be struck between industrialized, emerging and developing countries. Existing companies can be transformed into "BlueCompanies" and new companies can be built up right away as such. In this way, the existing economy can be put on a valuable, sustainable and viable basis, most and most pressing problems of our world can be solved and our future can be saved.

With KTP BlueSphere as a solid financial and economic base, financial and economic crises triggered by unrestrained speculation and interest politics, the overexploitation of our resources and destruction of our environment and climate will be prevented in the future. 

As an exemplary privately organized, supranational economic and financial system and an economic organization of a special kind, I want to put with KTP with innovative methods the global economy on a new, firm base, to change the economic thinking and to transfer the capitalism into the value based valorism. To save our future.

The basics for this as well as the methods and practical action steps can be found in my book "Neues Geld. New Economy. New World - Saving our Future".

BlueMoney (BLUVALOR)
The new and better money

BLUVALOR (BLU) is alternative, value-based full money on its own advanced blockchain foundation and the next level of cryptocurrency and alternative currencies. 

Each unit of BLUVALOR is linked to a share with the same registration number. BLUVALOR complies with all current and future requirements of the EU and the European Central Bank, as well as the US and the SEC (American regulatory agency) for cryptocurrencies.

It is the only cryptocurrency that can be used to make payments safely even in the event of a crisis or disaster or in remote areas without internet.

The smart platform for payment, clearing and business  

BluePro is the creation of our own platform for money transfer and payments, the exchange of BLUVALOR for traditional currencies and to easily support the conclusion and execution of transactions based on smart contracts.

However, there are other solutions associated with it for users such as personal organization, education and training, or the AI-based personal security assistant. In addition, there are applications from the various project areas.

Structured as a hierarchical peer-to-peer network with "trust houses" for registration and documentation, additional "data citadels" serve super-verification.

Equity quite simple

BlueShares are the new "world shares" that make it possible for (almost) any corporation to raise equity. These tokenized securities create entirely new investment opportunities for institutional and private investors. Valuable, sustainable and fit for the future.


Smart financing and processing of commodity transactions

BlueTransaction is an innovative business settlement and financing model for production and commodity transactions. Independent of the availability of liquid funds and independent of banks for legally secure transactions and secured against payment default.

Smart financing and utilization of 
capital assets

BlueOperating is an innovative model for the transfer of use in various forms of valuable and sustainable assets, facilities for business operations and means of transportation. Without bank financing and leasing, legally secure and secured against non-payment.